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It´s time for: Afroditi Psarra/ Noisy Textiles Workshop

line It´s time for: Afroditi Psarra/ Noisy Textiles Workshop

May 10-11, from 2pm to 8pm at the SC Club

Organizers:, Kontejner & Gallery Močvara, Music Showroom of the Culture of Change, SC

Noisy Textiles Workshop is an introduction to the world of soft, textile electronic sets with the use of programmable Arduino microcontrolers, digital electronics and  conductive materials. During the workshop the participants will take part in creating prototypes and they will explore the process of application of electronics to textile, creating wearable synthesisers/controlers with an 8-byte sound, that is, playing on clothes.

Afroditi Psarra (GR) is a multidisciplinary artist and a PhD student in the field of image, technology and design. Her work explores limits between tradition and handcraft, creative coding and sonic experimenting with movement and dance. Psarra’s work includes several medias, from electronic knitting to wearable technology and smart clothes for interactive installations and audio performances. Until now she has presented her work at some of the prominent new media festivals such as Amber in Istanbul, PIKSEL in Bergen, Transmediale and CTM in Berlin, Electropixel in Nantes, MakerFaire in Rome, etc. She is currently doing her practical training in the Disney center in Zürich. She is mostly known for her embroidered Korg synthesiser named LilyKorg and the interactive wearable object for the Idoru performers.

Afroditi Pssara